Blog #1: Technology and 21st Century Learning

I am a grade 12 student and my 4 years of high school have taught me everything I need to get into the university of my dreams… but has it taught me necessary life lessons and eve
rything else I need to live in a hustling city in 2017? I’m not quite sure about that. I’ve learned how to calculate the equation of a line but not how to do my taxes and how to manage my finances. I understand that it is not my teachers job to parent me, but the school board has to understand that there may be gaps in parenting and some students know more life skills than other. I think that the technology used in schools has prepared me for my future. I was using my laptop in class when I was in grade 11. When I was in grade 7, I knew how to manage all Microsoft applications; Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. From a young age, teachers we’re assigning projects and assignments that needed to be completed with technology in order to be completed successfully. Especially now, that teachers are more open to using technology in class, it enhances the learning experience for the student. I personally turn to Khan Academy for math and science help. A virtual teacher to help fill in the gaps my teacher may have missed… 10 years ago they wouldn’t have believed it. Another super handy technology tool that I use to enhance my education is an application called Quizlet. Quizlet allows you to make your own que-cards on your smart phone instead of wasting paper and polluting the environment. Instead Quizlet enables you to carry 50 cue cards without the bulk right at your fingertips. I really do like the fact that some teachers do try and put in the effort to try and enhance the lesson by using technology to present and teach information. Some teachers use smart boards for graphs others use PowerPoint. I feel like teachers may have gotten too comfortable with the fact that they can just put up a power point that the textbook company made for them and read right from it. Technology is suppose to give teachers a creative edge that the students will enjoy to engage them. Maybe Microsoft needs too invent something new to help teachers branch out and stop relying on power point because it does get very boring and repetitive. I’m not bashing all teachers out there, I do have to give a hand to some teachers who do use smart boards in involve students. In math, my peers are able to go up to the board and move around parabolas to see the transformation again at the touch of a couple fingers. I also believe that if a teacher does not know how to use a piece of technology, don’t spend the whole class trying to set it up. I believe that teachers should only use technology if they have good knowledge on how to navigate it in front of the class. Something that I personally have never experienced in a classroom is the use of i Pads. A piece of technology for everyone in that class. I believe that if a student has their own piece of technology it will attract them to the new information being taught.



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