Blog Post #2: Procrastination

Procrastination is like that awkward conversation at the Christmas dinner table about school, boys and life after high-school. Its something that you try and avoid but always somehow nips you in the butt. I’m that procrastinator that actually procrastinates unlike Julia who claims that she is a professional procrastinator, even though right when she gets home she finishes all of her homework before dinner. Now… lets not get to carried away, this is about me and my stalling tactics.

I’m going to explain a typical day in my life during after school hours. As I’m walking home from a long tiring day at school, during which I practically dyed because it was 40 degrees Celsius, Im thinking about all the snacks Im about to eat to replenish my body for all the homework i have to do later on because as they say “Healthy body, healthy mind”, Right? Right. i make my way into the pantry and grab some cookies and a bag of chips, plop my self on the couch to watch some YouTube videos. by this time its probably around 4:00pm. I set a time limit for myself and that at 5:00 I will complete my homework until dinner then continue after dinner is done. Then 5:02 pm roles around and whoops, looks like I wont be doing any work until after dinner because pfttt who can finish their math in 58 min, that is not enough time, we both know I needed an hour. after dinner my mom usually goes for walks which means I go with her, so then I push my homework till I get back. Then when i get back its late and I have to shower, then bed time roles around and homework gets pushed to the next day. Oh well, that what I tell myself. I really wish I could just go home not have any distractions. That would make my life soooo much easier but no, life doesn’t want to be nice to me.

I need to start putting a way my phone right when I get home so that it will be out of sight out of mind. Another bad habit of  mine is that if I do not understand the task at hand I give up and think that I am too stupid to accomplish it. Instead of putting myself down, I should just give it a chance and really put my focus towards trying to solve it.

One of my most haunting problems is time management. I will get home and start my home work at a time when my parents usually go to bed as i said in my opening paragraph. I am going to try and use my agenda and write down all the assignment that I have due. For example if its Monday and I have a project due on Friday, I will complete a small section of it everyday so that when Thursday nigh comes around im not drowning in work and stress. Lets see how this works out!


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