Blog Post #3: Procrastination Check Up


This whole experience was quite surprising for me to be honest. Going into this I had fixed mindset,”Pfttt and agenda is NOT going to help with my horrible time management skills”. But surprisingly it did. In every class, after the teacher wrote down the home work, Id take out my agenda and start writing away. All the home work I had to do after school was now organized. My agenda provided me with essentially a blue plan of what I had to complete after school. One thing that I noticed that really helped was since the people I sat around with used their agenda , it reminded me that I had to utilize mine. The only down side was that sometimes Id chat with my friends at the end of class and forget to write down everything I had to do.

Using my agenda has definitely improved my learning. When I got home I knew everything I needed to complete. No more scatter brain Sarah! Id rank the tasks from most important to least important depending on when it was due, and its difficulty level. Sometimes I’d even plan according to the time. For example, Id do my biology homework from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm then a 15 min break, then IDC from 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm. Since I knew that I had another task to do after after the first completed, for some reason i never got off track. As well after I had completed a task, id tic it off in my agenda which provided me with such satisfaction. That feeling of satisfaction was addictive which lead me to completing all my work all time. Due to this feeling of satisfaction that I am receiving I continue to use my agenda.




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