Blog Post #4: Placement Wrap Up

I really did enjoy this experience of working for someone and executing their ideas. I really enjoyed how we were left to work all on our own with very little direction from our teacher. It allowed us to explore many skills which us, students can’t put to use daily because of all the instruction we ARE given. Now, because of the little instruction, my partner and I were more proud of our end website because we had completed it all by ourselves, with communication from our placement teacher.

Our first placement with Mrs. Levy went fairly smooth. She allowed us to communicate with her during her 3rd period class when we had IDC ICT. She was not very particular when it came to specifics to  her website which allowed Mary Anne and I to get our creative juices flowing and really step out of the box to impress her. The website turned out amazing. The only difficulty with this placement was towards the end of the placement during parent teacher interviews when meeting with Mrs. Levy became difficult due to her busy schedule which conflicted with ours. At the end of the day, the website turned out fabulous and Mrs. Levy was excited to us it with her students.

Our second placement with Ms. Indirian ended up falling through because she had already sent the poster to a printing company. This was not a success.

Our last placement went quite smooth as well. Communication between Mrs. Batras was direct because my partner Mary Anne was in her 3rd period Biology where Mary Anne could follow up with our progress on the wesbite as well as specifics, then she would relay all the information back to in class regarding changes or anything else Mrs. Btras wanted to add. The only difficulties that we faced was that Mrs. Batras was using a website that had been coded as a reference to how she wanted her website to look. This was hard because Mary Anne and I both do not know how to code, therefore causing us to use Google sites, which has preset themes, and customizing options are VERY limited. But with all that said we made it work, and created a home site as well as 3 other course sites that she will be able to use with her students to display power points and all else she would like.

Yes, I do think that the project has value for IDC students because of the level of independence that comes along with the project. As I stated earlier, projects assigned in school have strict guidelines which do not promote creativity. Creativity and designing your own blue print works on many skills that grade 12 students should have, especially when moving on post secondary schooling. Making a schedule and working within it is also very important. This involves precise planning and can not be done without thorough communication between the teachers and the students. This experience gave us a taste of how it is in the world outside of school, not always being spoon fed instructions, and help not always being available. It also touched on improving our problem solving techniques. For instance, In the making of Mrs. Batras’s website, she wanted a slide show of comments from rate my teacher. At first Mary Anne and I had no idea on how to insert a slide show on Google Slides but with some trouble shooting and fittleing with the website, we finally figured it out. This taught us, that with persistence and determination anything is possible.

This IDC placement is also very useful to teachers. It will give the teachers to explore a new piece of technology that could enhance the quality of learning for the students. There are some pieces of technology at school like the probes which the teachers do not know how to use which means that they are not being used. It also allows teachers to take on new projects like creating a new website which the could not do own their own due to lack of time or the lack of technology knowledge.

I honesty really enjoyed the freedom of this project and having to work on our own with little instruction, thus I would not change anything.


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