Blog Post #5: Mobile Phones have Made a Positive Impact on the World

Some may argue that mobile phones have made a negative impact on society but I decide to argue otherwise. Modern day cell phones do something that baby boomers never thought would happen… connect the world with absolutely no wires, in a device that could fit in our pockets. How awesome is that!?

Cellphones allow for innovation to take place in the palm of our hands. It has created a culture among generation X which is quite amazing. 95% of teens carry a cellphone on them which makes them feel connected and part of something which is what every human being wants. Cell phones also allow for people to be connected 24/7 which is beneficial in some cases. Firstly, students won’t have to go over to a classmates house to work on a project when you can have google docs on your phone. Google Docs allows for multiple people to edit a document all at once which is very convenient. Secondly: it provides a creative and fun way to teach students. Khan Academy is an online math tutor/ review site. Khan academy provides fun and interactive ways to learn boring math which engages students. Also, just the fact that you can learn math on a mobile device may be more intriguing to other students.

Mobile phones also give site to developing countries. Many residents in developing countries own cellphones even though their home may not be so luxurious. On their cellphones, some may have Free Basics which gives users access to a small fraction of the internet for absolutely no price . Part of the Free Basics package is Facebook Basics, which allow people who want to keep in touch with what is around them to do just so. Free basics keeps citizens in developing countries educated on current affairs going on around the world and close to home all online. Readers must be diligent about what news they are reading and verifying weather it is legitimate or not.

Mobile phones also allow for multitasking which can help people save time especially on the go. According to a study by Harris Interactive, the convenience of smartphone apps saves people an average of 22 days per year. That’s right, checking your email, texting your friends, and checking the weather all in one place means you have almost an extra month’s worth of free time. But, remeber that “saving time” doesn’t necessarily mean “being more productive,” however, since you probably just use those extra 22 days to binge watch Netflix.

GPS is a device that many people rely on to travel from point A all the way to point B. GPS units are costly and obtrusive. Luckily for our generation, applications exist as Waze, Google Maps and Apple maps all at the touch of our mobile devices. All smart phones have location services which pinpoint your exact location depending on the individuals privacy settings. This is very handy when vising a new city or simply in your own city when traveling somewhere new. Unlike traditional GPS units, Waze and Google maps offer the fastest and most direct route while taking into consideration traffic wait times, accidents and construction. These application make traveling with your smart phone very convenient.

Smartphones have revolutionized our global markets, education systems, navigation units and many more. Without smartphones, we would be disconnected from the revolving world around us and I don’t know who could imagine living a life like that.



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