Blog Post #7: Technology in Education

John Green, a well-known author was speaking about and giving his insight on technology in education. John Green mentioned that when he quit his job to become an author, he noticed that the learning he was experiencing was different than the learning in the classroom. He was not surrounded people that were learning with him. John Green believes that technology in education, specifically YouTube and other platforms, can really aid in the advancement of effective learning in students. These special platforms are for everyone, not only students to engage in a topic which they want to learn or need reinforcement in. Most of these platforms have a ‘teacher’ figure – the creator, as well as classmate ‘figures’- the people in the comments.

I chose this talk as opposed to the rest because John Green is one of my favorite authors. I enjoy his well-written novels, Paper Towns and the Fault in our Stars. Another reason as to why I chose this talk was its topic – technology in education. I was curious about what he had to say on this topic because he is a very creative and educated person.

I agreed with a majority of John Green’s Ted Talk because I am an advocate for a larger presence of technology in our education system. One of his main points was how many media platforms offer help in education, such as Reddit and YouTube. He mentioned how the best learning for most students takes place in an environment surrounded by like-minded individuals. For example, if a student is studying vectors in calculus, he will excel more in that class if he is working with others and learning with others who are doing the same. YouTube is a platform that allows for the creator to make videos to teach a certain topic along with a comment section which allows for the learners to ask questions or simply state what they think about the video and the content of it. I personally turn to YouTube as a quick and accessible way to perhaps clarify a concept learned in class especially in chemistry and math. I definitely agree with John Green on the fact that learning with like-minded people makes the learning experience more effective.

It’s not that I disagreed, but more so disliked the fact that he was somewhat biased on the topic of YouTube being the best platform for learning has he does operate his own successful channel called Crash Course. YouTube, followed by many other media platforms come with their faults, especially YouTube, when it comes to learning and academics.

The questions I have after this talk are what if the sources that you are learning information from are incorrect or illegitimate? That could lead to a bunch of confusion for a student who came online to find help with his/her studies. Another question I have is why he joined YouTube after being a successful author?

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend because his topic is something that we can all relate to – technology in education. We are the generation of innovation and so, what better than to mix that with education? By watching this Ted Talk, they would find John Green’s insight on technology in education and how helpful learning with like-minded people is. He also makes relatable comments about how going to school is just a bunch of hurdles that are never-ending and always seem impossible to jump over, but in the end you will be able to if you try your hardest.


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