Website links

Here is a list of links are websites that I find useful and nifty.

Sites that I find useful for school:

  • Photomath–  Photomath allows me to capture a picture of the equation, then provides me with a full solution.
  • Thesaurus–  For when I run out of words in my brain!
  • Bib Me– Helps create citations for a project.

Sites that I use for personal use:

  • Spotify– Allows me to listen to music which helps me concentrate which leads to good marks. YAY!
  •  Snapchat– A social media platform where i can send picture to my friends and have fun.
  • Instagram– Another social media platform where I can explore what other people are doing and gain inspiration.

Sites that I use when learning:

  • Desmos– Is a nifty online graphing site. It makes drawing graphs neat and precise, with very little room for error… unless you write the equation wrong, haha.
  • Khan Academy– Definitely acts as grade booster for me. Its creates math assignments that have to be completed by a certain date in order to get 100% created by my teacher. As well for every assignment there is a corresponding video for extra help.
  • Youtube – I learn best by watching people doing examples of math questions. The auditory and visual aspect of these videos allow me to fully understand the lesson at hand. I as well enjoy the flipped classroom technique.
  • Kahoot– Kahoot creates a fun and interactive way for teachers to review material with their class. The competition aspect entice the students to participate which I really enjoy.
  • Spark Notes– Helps me when I am in deep need to help when reading Shakespeare. It points out metaphors, the over all theme of the book an so much more.